Economical Hydraulic Bead Breaker for Agricultural Use


Easy to use tool helps to break stubborn beads


Manual Bead Breaker is used to loosen the tire bead from the rim with leverage. Operates with a air ratchet wrench.


10,000 PSI breaks beads in seconds
Great for use on 25in. to 51in. off-the-road 5-piece wheels with pry bar/bead loosening pockets
Durable steel construction
Works with 10,000 PSI air hydraulic pumps
4.25in. stroke


Works on single, two- or three-piece truck tires and rims, including some new style wheels
Hydraulically clamps on wheel
Pump operates on air pressure of 80-125 PSI
3.75 stroke
Includes bead breaker, pump and hose with coupler